Unique around: Gay Immigrants and Geosocial Relationship Programs

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LGBTQs, Mass Media and Lifestyle in Europe. ed. / Alexander Dhoest; Lukasz Szulc; Bart Eeckhout. Nyc : Routledge, 2017. p. 244-261 (Routledge Studies in societal and news Studies, Vol. 100).

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T1 – Unique around

T2 – Gay Immigrants and Geosocial Relationships Programs

AU – Protect, Andrew DJ

N2 – As an exploratory learn of current immigrants’ utilizes of and activities on homosexual geosocial dating systems in greater Copenhagen location, this chapter analyses account messages on Grindr and PlanetRomeo, and gives vocals to ten latest immigrants just who use these networks. The most important research ques- tion pertains to the methods people means traditional social networks through these mass media; in connection with this, gay matchmaking platforms may very well be ‘social news’ perhaps not unlike mainstream social networking internet sites. The second studies ques- tion relates to talks of battle and exclusion internet based; with regard to the ways some users convert their own general public profiles into soapboxes to transmit governmental messages, these gay matchmaking programs – maybe not unlike YouTube and fb – can also be rooms for social networking activism.

abdominal – As an exploratory study of current immigrants’ applications of and encounters on homosexual geosocial online dating programs in deeper Copenhagen region, this part analyses profile texts on Grindr and PlanetRomeo, and provides voice to ten latest immigrants exactly who use these systems. The initial research ques- tion pertains to the methods consumers shape offline social media sites through these news; in this regard, homosexual dating networks can be viewed as ‘social media’ maybe not unlike popular social network internet. The second investigation ques- tion pertains to discussions of race and exclusion online; pertaining to the methods some users convert their own general public pages into soapboxes to shown governmental information, these homosexual dating networks – maybe not unlike YouTube and Twitter – can certainly be spots for social media activism.

M3 – Book chapter

T3 – Routledge Research in Cultural and Media research

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